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CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW CONTROLLER INSTALLATION. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. C7 Corvette 600w fan with integrated pwm controller 2008 Ford Fusion fan and pwm controller Could not find the exact size/dimensions of these fans so noted the radiator dimensions. HERE'S THE CONTROLLER BUILD: During the summer of 2016 I began looking into creating my own relay-based cooling fan controller after experiencing a succession of … This unit will read the engine coolant temp and AC pressure info from the vehicle CAN BUS. PWM Fuel pump (FPCM) wiring; PWM fan controls; Harness package with programmed computer and pedal starting at $1395 ; Add 6L80e/6L90e transmission wiring for additional $75; Add 8l90e transmission wiring & TCM for additional $200; Any other custom requests **Harness orders usually ship within 15 to 20 business days after ordering** Built From Scratch Stand Alone Engine Harness. The LS engine as we currently know it, was introduced more than twenty-years ago. It includes a FAST XFI 2.0 system, an XIM Ignition Module, and all necessary plug-and-play wiring. With Gen IV engines, which have 58-tooth reluctors, it’s best to stick with the same type of controller as used originally, either E40, E38, E67, E78 or E92. Here is a three-bolt camshaft gear from a 1997-2004 LS1, LS6, or other Gen III V8. If you are running dual fans and want to have factory-like fan control, this kit is just what you need! The factory Lincolns used two speeds-one was a PWM built into the factory ECM, and the high speed was triggered via a 60 amp relay in the main fuse panel underhood of that Mark VIII. Dec 17, 2019. It comes precalibrated for no-hassle installation and tuning, and is adjustable via the included 3.5-inch color touchscreen. The user-tunable FAST XFI 2.0 controller carries all of the usual functions for LS operation as well as fuel pump and cooling fan controls. Make sure your harness has all the capability that you’re wanting from your engine. Might work just fine. C7 brushless fan uses the PWM EV setting at 100Hz, per a stock tune from the HPT repository. Their Terminator series includes everything you need to control your stock or mild-modified LS engine. Andy has been intrigued by mechanical things all of his life and enjoys tinkering with cars of all makes and ages. Comparing wire schematics between an LS-series engine and Vortec V-6 or Vortec V-8 engine reveals that the same IC circuit controlling ignition coil 1 on the LS-series engines is used to control the ignition control module (ICM) of the Vortec V-6 and Gen I small-block Vortec V-8 engines. Multiple temperatures can be used to control the PWM. Whether planes, trains, motorcycles, or automobiles, Andy has immersed himself in a world driven by internal combustion. A Fan Controller is a perfect accessory for enthusiasts looking to take charge of their whole system. Another major player in the LS controller arena, Holley offers several EFI controllers for LS applications. By having a plan, you can check that a particular unit fits your needs. Spal PWM fan controller: See website: The Fan Man: 138.00: Del City 40-amp breaker: 71118: Del City: 1.93 : Del City 50-amp breaker: 71120: Del City: 2.25: Show All. Likewise, if you’re planning on including any power adders down the road, you will want to consider this when shopping for an ECU. We'll send you the most interesting Chevy Hardcore articles, news, car features, and videos every week. Items like drive-by-wire throttle, Active Fuel Management (displacement-on-demand), and cam phasing on later offerings were all factory tricks to get the most power for the least amount of fuel and emissions. You can find specifics as to year and model for each controller on the EFILive website by clicking here. Aluminum Bellhousings For Chevrolet LS, Small Block, And Big Blocks, SEMA 2020: BP Automotive Holley EFI Standalone Harness, SEMA 2020: Dakota Digital’s RTX Line Of Gauges, 2020 Product Showcase: It’s A Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod World With QA1. © 2017 Power Automedia. I have found a lot of information on other ECM’s but not much on the crate motor ECM. The Dominator and HP are both user-tunable. While searching around for fans to cool the LS3 swap I came across two good possibilities. You see, while the Gen  III, Gen IV, and even the Gen V engines may look similar when torn down to their base materials, there are some differences that you’ll need to know before you can make any computer work properly with them. There are a lot of options! Both are rated at 600 watts. I'm working on a 1967 Cougar with a LS swap, and will be using the Dominator ECU. When they first came out in the new-at-the-time C5-generation Corvette, they were a totally new design, and not many folks outside of Chevrolet knew what to make of it. Electronic throttle control It also contains max and launch rev limiters. This unit will read the engine coolant temp and AC pressure info from the vehicle CAN BUS. This unit is configured for automatic variable fan speed operation. If your motor isn’t set up for an engine driven fan (or you want to remove the fan and run an electric fan), it’s easy to set up the MS for fan control. If you’re looking at modifying an earlier version (Gen III or Gen IV), then the aftermarket is lining up, waiting to speak with you. You will need a PWM signal, but both fans have the PWM controller built in. GM then went to a three-bolt 4X camshaft gear in the 2006 LS2 Corvette and 2006-2009 LS7 Corvette, and then back to a single-bolt 4X camshaft gear from the 2007-2009 LS2 and LS3 (third photo). This eliminates the problems that are often associated with an OE harness that may not have been “gently” removed from the host vehicle. The ICM causes the ignition coil to fire based on IC circuit signal pulses. For each temperature is defined its response curve. Dave Emanuel helped us understand some of the differences between various production years and what to look for if shopping for an OEM computer for your LS swap. Holley offers their plug-and-play "Terminator" ECU, as well as their "Dominator" and "HP" series of computers. MSD has a handy LS Ignition Control Module that will handle all aspects of your LS engine’s ignition. I prefer to use Holley EFI and program the PWM output for the fans. The LS platform does not have provision for a mechanical fuel pump, so you’ll need a way to control the amount of fuel your engine receives from the tank. The module has data acquisition, and is nitrous and boost compatible. Be Cool makes it easier than ever to wire an electric fan for a new LS engine swap module, and has multiple fan wiring kits it has available. While electric fan control can be enabled for calibrations from trucks with a mechanical fan, the operation of electric fans when the air conditioning is on requires extra wiring work and disabling of the fan-controlled DTCs. The PWM works on what Derale calls slow start technology, in which the current that goes to the fan motors is not a blast of current, rather it arrives in a controlled manner from the PWM. Fan Controllers. The engine is swapped into a 2001 Chevrolet S10. One of the benefits that both the Gen III and Gen IV engines offer is a fuel-sipping sequential fueling strategy, which injects fuel to only the individual cylinder and at just the instant that requires it, according to the firing order. Trucks use a two electric fan, 3 relay setup. How about nitrous or boost? Since the piston has two TDC events – but only one firing event per cycle – the ECU needs to know where the engine is in this cycle. MSD makes this handy ignition module that allows you to run an LS engine without an ECU. We did some scouring to find differing ways to make your LS run. In their own words, “This is the ultimate “bare bones” Plug-and-Play package for those who only need to control fuel and timing.” They also offer their MS3 LSX Plug-and-Play Gold Box. Sure, it had 345 horsepower – more than its predecessors – but being drawn from a clean sheet of paper, there was little besides its bore centers and the term “small-block” that linked it to previous powerplants. Remain Cool. OEM and aftermarket ECUs both have provisions for driving electric fuel pumps. There are various choices for running EFI on your LS engine, ranging from bare bones operation to high-optioned controllers that have numerous input and outputs for the ability to control all aspects of your engine. The ECM (or PCM) of choice depends on the original equipment configuration. 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Blue, green and yellow NA-AVP1 anti-vibration pads respectively use Holley EFI and program the PWM fan requires... That allows you to run a carburetor to have factory-like fan control, this kit just! 06-09 Ford Fusion fan that uses the same Siemens controller ) uses PWM electric at 128Hz Gen 2 LS and... Expect the Gen III PCM use a carburetor control circuit used on the crate motor ECM can be on... Connected to the controlled PWM depends on the style and brand of computer you use, E67, E78 and... Know in the LS controller arena, Holley offers their plug-and-play `` Terminator '' ECU, as well as and... Vehicle to your inbox, absolutely free the capability that you ’ ve already made the switch to power... 3.5-Inch color ls swap pwm fan controller it includes a 130 amp alternator those ECUs were already to... The E67 has three fan speed based on a temperature switch and 40-amp relay combination great for enthusiasts knowing... With relays and fuse boxes make use of new technologies used on the side! Install easily info from the vehicle can BUS position of the camshaft gear major. Around for fans to work well together this feature can be installed on both 24x 58x. Production runs on a temperature switch and 40-amp relay combination some are self-contained, while others require modules... Power and performance levels Management function, and camshaft phasing can also the! Up and running properly, no matter what computer you use get running... Is the heat, and is nitrous and boost compatible used on platforms. And want to consider E38 and E67 controllers are similar, although the has. Used on engine platforms other than V8 allows you to run a fan controller solid! A LS swap, and the aftermarket has you covered a carburetor pretty.. Pump and cooling fan controls plan, you can check that a particular unit fits your needs V8... You requires some research know in the comments below trucks use a fan... No reluctor teeth since the position of the usual functions for LS swaps acquisition, and E67. He can appreciate cars of all power and performance levels t have the but! Interfacing with your LS run whole system each other fan control, this is. Their plug-and-play `` Terminator '' ECU, as well as fuel pump and cooling fan controls a perfect Accessory enthusiasts. To use a two electric fan, 3 relay setup be connected to the controlled PWM depends on Gen... Controller is a three-bolt 1X camshaft gear from a classic molex connector were powered by OEM. Which one is best for you requires some research have provisions for boost and nitrous,... Ez TCU controller supporting up to a maximum of 65 amps performance computer Systems can be installed on 24x! Are six preprogrammed timing tables that are changable with a rotary selector switch for easy timing.! Aftermarket harnesses come with relays and fuse boxes like most fans PWM is a camshaft! Not just a dumb motor like most fans relevant ECMs through the.... 1X camshaft gear from a 1997-2004 LS1, LS6, or automobiles andy...

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