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why is my google page so small

Small windows on an Internet browser are referred to "normal windows" and they are often the default setting for a Web browser. On your computer, open a document in Google Docs or a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Change your view. Choose how big you want your text or enter a number from 50 to 200. On your computer, open a document, spreadsheet, or presentation. 1. Everything is shrunk just a little bit and pushed toward the upper left-hand corner of the printed page. For your browser window to occupy your entire screen it must be set to "Maximize" mode. Mine was set at 50% and this is why I had this issue. Close the Chrome and re-open it. Suddenly my web page on Tiscali gets smaller. Then select the maximize button. Tell me if Chrome prints too small for you and if this solution worked! Thanks for contacting our support. Try the corners with the arrows to enlarge it until it reaches the size of your screen. I may have hit something by accident because it changed instantly when I was working on a document, but I can't find what I may have hit. This causes strange things to happen to my computer, my favorite of which has caused ALL of my google pages to display all of their content so small, it is impossible to read anything, and therefor, I cannot figure out how to correct it. So if your printer is printing too small, this is most likely the issue. SuperUser reader Shadow Wizard wants to know why the text size on all websites has suddenly increased while using Google Chrome: This morning I opened Google Chrome like I do every day. I can't get it back to a normal size as there are no suitable tool bars. That’s it! 2. In the toolbar, click 100%. 3. while i my yahoo page is so small i cna't hardly read it . The process for changing the size in which a window opens is the same for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. A problem that many users encounter is that Internet Explorer continuously opens in a small window, one that looks as though it has been resized. For one, it has a simpler interface that individuals find easier to navigate. This is due to the fact that Internet Explorer will remember the last window size when it is closed. So my ten month old baby likes to find the keyboard and proceed to beat it excessively with his closed fists. I am an Independent Advisor. please change it back to regular print thnaks kathy … However, like other browsers, Chrome also has its own downsides and issues. On I E and Chrome it is still the normal size. To make Google Docs guide you through all of your typos and errors, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-; to go to the next misspelling in your document and Ctrl-[to … my yahoo page is so small i cnat hardly read it . My paper size is "letter." while i was sending an e-mail it changed mid stream. Many people prefer using Google Chrome as their web browser for several good reasons. In Google Docs, to make the document as wide as the browser window, click Fit. For some reason, the lettering on my Google docs page and all my documents just got really small. Be sure to check out your other programs to see what the Scale is set to. This is not happening for my email, or any other web page I have open. Be sure to check your printer settings for this issue, too. My name is Rogelio. The text size was suddenly larger than normal on all websites, but I … Try this: Open Google Chrome and go smaller than your screen. When Google introduced the Chrome 54 update, the browser started to automatically detect the Dots Per […] To start, let’s have a peek at the New York Times home page, with the Google Chrome zoom set to, well, pretty small: That’s pretty small, as you can see, and frustratingly, there’s all that so-called white space (really, “empty space”) on either side of the content that could be used, right? I haven't changed any margins. Recently, Google Docs has begun to scale my document when it's time to print.

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