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Note that the opponent needs at least 1000 less LP to activate Sealed Tombs, so another way of playing around this skill is to keep the LP difference small or be the one at lower LP. Forbidden Lance can be used to stop Mask Change, which otherwise can be used to let the HERO player dodge spot removal and negation effects (barring Divine Wrath) on their monsters. In general, this cost can also help send Shiranui monsters to grave to use with Shiranui Spectralsword. If Needle Ceiling is used to destroy Shiranui Shogunsaga and “return” a Shiranui Spectralsword to grave on one’s own turn, then Shiranui Spectralsword’s effect can be used immediately that same turn to summon e.g. This is safe because Blue-Eyes usually cannot OTK through backrow without setting up their White Stone of Ancients and establishing a board first. On the third effect: if the banished monster were a Synchro Monster, then one can destroy any monster on board. From there, one can then activate Shiranui Shogunsaga’s effect on summon to banish the Shiranui Squire in grave to draw an extra resource while discarding the level 4 Zombie monster in hand. If this happens, then simply discard Shiranui Solitiare with Shiranui Squire’s effect and normal summon the Shiranui Spectralsword instead. One can just destroy that fusion monster with the Burgeoning Whirlflame plus Shiranui Spiritmaster combo. So chaining Cosmic Cyclone to Cybernetic Overflow and hitting one of the other backrow cards can possibly remove the Cyberload Fusion before it becomes a threat. This subsection is here to just give some brief tips against some of the more common, though non-meta decks on the ladder. Anonymous. Using Shiranui Solitaire’s effect defensively with Burgeoning Whirlflame as mentioned in the “Playing Optimally with Burgeoning Whirlflame” subsection of the guide can come up often vs. an aggressive deck like Blackwings. Duel Links on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is there any deck that is strong against shiranui? Stopping Vision HERO Increase is key because his effect would otherwise summon Vision HERO Vyon from the deck to search Polymerization for a deadly fusion play. If one can make a big push early (e.g. See the “Playing with That Grass Looks Greener” section of the guide for further detail. Thus, Samurai Skull’s field presence discourages total field wipes from e.g. Toggle ON with Artifact Lancea and be ready to activate it as soon as Evil Eye of Gorgonio hits the Evil Eye player’s grave. vs. generic backrow: Gouki decks tend to play the entire staple trap lineup, including multiple Fiendish Chains, Paleozoic Canadias, and Floodgate Trap Holes, and even Treacherous Trap Hole if they are using Odion for Endless Trap Hell. But if Fortune Lady Every does hit the board, then try to lock her down with a Fiendish Chain instead of destroying her. Turn 6: Even with Shiranui Sunsaga removed, one still has Shiranui Shogunsaga to beat over Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon. This play trades the 5500 ATK Shiranui Shogunsaga from “Option 1” for Shiranui Sunsaga, whose effect allows up to 2 non-targeting destructions on ANY opposing cards. Check that you now have the "DLM Pro" role in the Discord server. Cosmic Cyclone can remove The Sanctified Darklord from the game if the Darklord player had no option but to set it. So it is usually better to use one’s backrow on the second Gouki attack if Gouki Twistcobra is present. Going first against Darklords, one ideally draws an ample amount of backrow to prevent the Darklord player from establishing their board. This is a matchup that can go either way depending on how well one opens up with backrow and techs. While some of these players have started running other Fire monsters such as Fortune Fairy En in place of Elementsaber Malo, these other Fire monsters are not searchable (whereas Elementsaber Malo was searchable via Palace of the Elemental Lords). The other Shiranui monster to especially keep count of in grave is Shiranui Spiritmaster. (6) Revived King Ha Des is also amazing in this matchup. Nine-Tailed Fox can be great in this matchup to clear away monsters hit by Floodgate Trap Hole or Fiendish Chain. (1) Follow the same steps in the above “Option 1”. 0:00. You can remove the ads and support us directly by becoming a DLM Pro member. As of the May 2020 banlist, No Mortal Can Resist is no longer as popular of a skill because it requires the player to be at least 2000 less LP to activate. The targets for disruption are usually the Crystron tuners, Crystron Citree and Crystron Rion. Twister: This quickplay spell can be chained to the likes of Fiendish Chain and Dark Magical Circle to remove them from the field and “negate” their disruptive effects. If a Witchcrafter player drops Kiwi Magician Girl next to Witchcrafter Madame Verre, then there is likely not much to do besides taking the loss and moving on to the next game. Toggle ON and use one’s backrow on Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio BEFORE it attacks. However, if the second monster is indeed Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda, then destroy Ritual Beast Tamer Elder instead. ". This makes Fiendish Chain unable to negate his ATK debuff effect, since he can just chain his other effect to bounce and “negate” Fiendish Chain. They have, Suppose it is one’s own turn. Unlike the many other combo decks that dominated the meta at the time (e.g. This can potentially end the duel in a TIE if both players hit 0 LP due to this effect. Often the full 4000 LP damage is not even needed, since the Neos - Invoked player has likely lost a chunk of LP already from their Volcanic Shell effects. This can save one from lethal vs. a board of e.g. Blue-Eyes, Cyber Dragons, as well as the Shiranui mirror match). So having muliple copies of Forbidden Lance for this matchup helps one play through all the backrow. Dark Magician is a deck that cannot immediately recover from an entire board wipe, whereas Shiranui is such a deck. Many Invoked decks, such as Invoked - Magician Girls and Invoked - Roids, are arguably just weaker versions of Elementsaber - Invoked and Neos - Invoked. Join the Discord server (full access is not needed and is not granted by becoming a DLM Pro member). Artifact Lancea is worth mentioning for this matchup. Charge of the Light Brigade) or are too slow due to being trap cards (i.e. Before playing the Grass variant of Shiranui, it is recommended to get comfortable with the core cards by playing the non-Grass variant first. The monster banished to trigger Shiranui Squiresaga here CANNOT be Shiranui Solitaire though. For Yu-Gi-Oh! Floodgate Trap Hole. Below are some of the more common scenarios for when one might have Turn 2 lethal with Shiranui Shogunsaga. The only instance where Raigeki Break can help set up is if one opens with a Shiranui Spectralsword in hand to discard, but such an opening does not set up the full Shiranui Spectralsword + Shiranui Solitaire combo either (at least not with just 2 cards). Speaking of key monsters, Revived King Ha Des can also be great in this matchup, since his effect negates all the Gouki search effects when they are destroyed by battle. Ballista Squad and Raigeki Break going first: Going first is a huge luxury vs. I'm also using the Shiranui deck to reach the KOG stage in January 2020 (Season 48). This matchup becomes less of a coinflip and more in Shiranui’s favor with That Grass Looks Greener. This stops the Lightsworn player from banishing anything to summon Chaos Dragon Levianeer. Charge of the Light Brigade) and Needlebug Nest as ways to make up for the missing copies of That Grass Looks Greener. One can then resume the main phase to deal with the newly summoned Witchcrafter Madame Verre. It does not have to be via this combo – e.g. Meanwhile, Gold Sarcophagus is an amazing combo extender for the deck as it can trigger any on-banish, main deck Shiranui monster effect without using up a normal summon or any other resources. Alternatively, one can just slow play vs. him if there is nothing noteworthy for Destiny HERO Plasma to steal, since the HERO player likely has few resources left to make a big push after summoning him. This makes that HERO unaffected by Mask Change, stopping the likes of Masked HERO Anki or Masked HERO Blast from being summoned. And of course, this play also gives the deck a Turn 2 OTK option with an immediate 4500 ATK Shiranui Shogunsaga. While it is true that Elementsaber Molehu and Invoked Purgatrio can be massive headaches to the Shiranui archetype, which is synchro and fire based and made up of 0 DEF monsters, Shiranui as a deck actually has quite a number of ways to out these threats. A 5500 ATK Shiranui Shogunsaga deals lethal damage over a Magician’s Rod after a -500 ATK debuff from Shiranui Samuraisaga, so the bread-and-butter Shiranui Spectralsword + Shiranui Solitaire combo is even more deadlier than usual here! Duel Links on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Top long-term decks? This can be particularly deadly vs. Witchcrafters if it is used to let Shiranui Sunsaga’s effect go through and wipe the board. Note that Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio is unaffected by the ATK boosts from Spiritual Beast Apelio when it attacks. Turn 4: One baits out the counter trap with Shiranui Solitaire’s effect, not minding if Shiranui Solitaire gets negated, since the important part is to just get him in grave for the Shiranui Spectralsword plus Shiranui Solitaire combo. Of these three, Revived King Ha Des is the most aggressive, as his effect negates the effects of problematic monsters like Spiritual Beast Tamer Winda and The White Stone of Ancients that float or generate advantage upon battle destruction. essentially a free Offerings to the Doomed effect. If there is no other Fire attribute monster to banish in step (8), then one can banish Shiranui Solitaire and Shiranui Spectralsword instead in step (6) to special summon back the Shiranui Spectralsword. Meanwhile, Gozuki also has two effects – one on the field and another when sent to the grave. At the end of the day, this matchup really comes down to whether one opened with the right techs to deal with Dark Magical Circle and Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer. Mid-to-late game, Invocation can be used to unclog one’s monster zones that were hit by Floodgate Trap Hole. Note that Raigeki Break CANNOT accomplish the same thing as Ballista Squad in the above-mentioned play. Ballista Squad can be invaluable against Lunalights to dodge an OTK. On a last note, there is a cute interaction between Needle Ceiling and Shiranui Shogunsaga that can sometimes steal games. In the former case, negating Elemental HERO Stratos can potentially end the HERO player’s turn, since they have burned their normal summon already. summoning and activating spells / traps – include the Toggle Button, reading “delays,” the Duel Links Limited 1, Limited 2, and Limited 3 lists, soft and hard once-per-turns, and Chain Links. Toggle ON with Artifact Lancea in hand and keep track of the Lightsworn player’s grave. Doomkaiser Dragon can play a major role in winning the mirror match though – see the “Matchups” section for more details. Posted by 1 day ago. Magician of Dark Illusion: DARK Spellcaster ★7 ATK 2100 / DEF 2500: Arkana [UR]: This card's name becomes "Dark Magician" while it is on the field. In the latter case, his effect shuts off the opposing Shiranui Spectralsword in grave, preventing the opponent from using it for a follow-up play. This matchup can be easy or hard depending on whether one has an optimized Shiranui build. So do not be fooled by e.g. See the “Playing Optimally with Burgeoning Whirlflame” of the guide for details. Chaining to and removing the HERO monster next to Vision HERO Adoration with e.g. Forbidden Lance is the most commonly used substitute for Cosmic Cyclone, as it is quickplay, allowing one to chain to and make their Shiranui monsters immune to cards like Floodgate Trap Hole and Fiendish Chain for the turn. Or if one has Divine Wrath, use that to negate and destroy e.g. However, since this card is not quickplay, it has to be used preemptively, which can force awkward situations where one has to blindly guess the correct backrow to hit when the opponent has multiple sets. Daily Cash Duels, Weekly Tournaments, Monthly Championships, Top Player Discussions with Best Players in the game. Otherwise, Witchcrafter Collaboration will prevent all backrow interaction during the attack(s). With all that said, the last part of the Neos - Invoked deck – i.e. The standard, balanced builds of Shiranui have the flexibility to run any skill they want, since the deck’s core cards are self-sufficient enough to get the game plan going without relying on a specific skill. Because Grass Shiranui is so reliant on banishing from its grave for disruption and making plays, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer singlehandedly shuts down the entire deck.

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