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Speaking of his reaction to the news, he said: "An old man can cry, too. At one point Isaiah and Harambe even appear to briefly hold hands. "Witnessing this situation and hearing them shoot him has been one of the most horrific things I have ever been a part of. The boy's mother Michelle has faced criticism for social media users and animal rights campaigners, who claim she should have been keeping a closer eye on her child. It is a picture of pure grief. The gorilla's former zoo also paid tribute to the animal on Facebook. The baby was moved to a zoo in Stuttgart where she is now one of the star attractions. Gorilla babies weigh about 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms) at birth and photos and video from the zoo show 13-year-old mom Tumani cuddling her tiny newborn. On Friday he wasn't eating or drinking and was growing weaker. Baby Gorilla Receives Around-the-Clock Care. A few years ago in a facility in the U.S., two out of the centre's nine dolphins died within six months of each other. Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. Social media users have also slammed the zoo for killing the gorilla, despite claims by zoo bosses that the child was in "a life-threatening situation". It is believed that the situation was caused by parental negligence and the zoo is not responsible for the child's injuries and possible trauma. Yesterday, zookeepers were still unable to get to the body of Claudio, so fiercely is Gana guarding him. Its not that non-human apes are bad at killing things, its that they avoid fighting most of the time because in the wild if you get hurt it can easily be a death sentence. "His mind was going constantly. 'This, perhaps, is one of the greatest gifts that a zoo can bestow  -  to show "animals" are very much like ourselves, and feel elation and pain. Eyewitnesses have even claimed that the animal was NOT hurting the child... and was in fact trying to protect it but was panicked by the screams of onlookers. However, eyewitnesses to the incident on Saturday have claimed the gorilla was showing no aggressive behaviour towards the boy. "As a society we are quick to judge how a parent could take their eyes off of their child and if anyone knows me I keep a tight watch on my kids. This makes the loss of a baby even more poignant and goes some way to explaining Gana's apparent behaviour  -  as well as making her previous abandonment of Mary Zwo even more mysterious. “There were no signs of the gorilla being aggressive in the sense that he wanted to hurt the boy or anything like that. ", Another said: "Today, an endangered gorilla was shot at the Cincy Zoo because a toddler's parents were to damn lazy to watch their child.". Baby Claudio is believed to have had a heart defect. At one point the boy and gorilla even appear to briefly hold hands. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. New video footage of Harambe shows the 400-pound gorilla HOLDING HANDS with the boy who fell into exhibition moat as zoo director insists they were right to shoot him and the barriers were safe It is claimed that screams from those watching the unfolding situation panicked Harambe, causing him to drag Isaiah at a quick speed across the water. Gorilla babies weigh about 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms) at birth and photos and video from the zoo show 13-year-old mom Tumani cuddling her tiny newborn. The bouncing baby boy was born on October 14 weighing 6-pounds and 3 ounces. A Fully grown Gorilla holding baby in Bwindi National Park Uganda, Tuesday Aug.4.2020. 'Claudio died in his mother's arms  -  we think from some heart defect,' said zoo director Joerg Adler. Incredible moment orangutan watches a human mum breastfeed her baby through glass at a zoo . "We the undersigned want the parents to be held accountable for the lack of supervision and negligence that caused Harambe to lose his life. Two new baby gorillas have been spotted in a national park where a beloved primate named Rafiki was killed in June, a Ugandan wildlife official said Tuesday, saying the additions are part of a baby boom in the forested protected area popular with tourists. And fury at Cincinnati Zoo continues to mount as animal lovers demand an explanation as to why the 17-year-old gorilla named Herambe was not tranquilised. Save the baby! Zoo bosses claim the child crawled through a barrier before falling into the moat area. While such behaviour was once considered uniquely human, examples such as these and Gana's show that the gap between us and the animal world is not as wide as many believe. Gorilla Gana, aged 11, distraught and grieving over the sudden death of her dead three-month-old baby Claudio Eleven-year-old gorilla Gana was holding her three-month-old baby … “The gorillas would never have seen a child at such close quarters. He was very intelligent. Mar 27, 2020 - Explore Susan L's board "Baby Gorillas" on Pinterest. He grew up to be a pretty, beautiful male. She gave a commentary over the video which you can see below. The 150-pound gorilla carried her own 17-month baby named Koola on her back throughout her encounter with the boy, which may indicate that her maternal instincts led her to rescue him. or debate this issue live on our message boards. But still she refused to give up hope. Our. gorilla 920 GIFs. Director Thane Maynard said that authorities had no other choice but to put the 400-pound-plus male gorilla down. During the day, the infant will be in the zoo's Gorilla House. or debate this issue live on our message boards. The mother of the boy who fell into the enclosure said that "accidents happen" on a Facebook post hitting out at critics. And even when confronted by the bones of long-dead elephants, other elephants will pay a form of homage by gently touching the tusks and skulls with their trunks and feet. Video shows the baby gorilla fall off its mother's back at a zoo in the UK Most mammals show only a rudimentary interest in the bodies of their dead, with species such as lions pausing only briefly to sniff a fallen comrade before setting about devouring the body. But gorillas are not the only animals who mourn their dead. Zookeepers will try and help the baby acclimatize by making gorilla vocalizations, and holding him tight whilst caring for him. And in this latest video from the dramatic scene, Isaiah is seen sat calmly next to the massive animal. Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, A Fully grown Gorilla holding baby in Bwindi National Park Uganda, Tuesday Aug.4.2020. 'On Wednesday he didn't seem well. Video shows the baby gorilla fall off its mother’s back at a zoo in the UK; Male rushes in to save it as the silverback tries to break up the scuffle ; Filmer says it shows that the great apes have ‘human-like behaviour’ This is the moment a male gorilla rushed to rescue a baby after it fell off its mother’s back while she was fighting a rival. He was just such a sharp character.". I've seen this video 100 times and whether or not at one point the gorilla was holding hands with the boy is completely irrelevant. "My son is safe and was able to walk away with a concussion and a few scrapes... no broken bones or internal injuries. Mar 27, 2020 - Explore Susan L's board "Baby Gorillas" on Pinterest. Writing on Facebook after the incident, she said: "R.I.P Harambe so so sad. Just like a human … “The biggest threat to the boy I would say is obviously when the gorilla moved and dragged him, that could have caused some harm, but the gorilla’s body language is definitely protective.”. And police in Ohio have said that charges could be brought against the parents as their investigation continues. UPDATE: Shock new picture shows safety barrier. "He was a special guy in my life. Responding to the criticism on Facebook, she said: "I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers today. The petition reads: "This beautiful gorilla lost his life because the boy's parents did not keep a closer watch on the child. A baby gorilla born in August at Bristol Zoo is being reared by a team of dedicated humans after his mother was unable to care for him. “I raised him from a baby, he was a sweet cute little guy. "This should have prompted the parents to immediately remove the child from the vicinity. No comments have so far been submitted. Sadly a baby gorilla born via C-section in 2019 at the same zoo died a few days after birth. Animal lovers are outraged after the endangered animal had to be shot dead by zoo staff to protect the youngster. Holding the lifeless body of her dead child like a rag doll, this female gorilla stares at the corpse in shock and bewilderment, unable to accept that her baby is dead. It is a picture of pure grief. Brain implants successfully restore rudimentary vision in monkeys and could allow blind people to see again. While the zookeepers and vets closed the zoo’s Gorilla House to give the mother and her baby some needed time and space to bond, the baby failed to thrive. Search, discover and share your favorite Gorilla GIFs. The newborn, who is yet unnamed, is seen gazing up at mother with love and also trying to snatch some snacks from her. See more ideas about baby gorillas, gorilla, primates. In one moment, the gorilla even appears to wrap his arms around the boy. "For those of you that have seen the news or been on social media that was my son that fell in the gorilla exhibit at the zoo. Harambe, a 17-year-old silverback gorilla, was shot dead by Cincinnati Zoo zookeepers who feared for the child's safety. Astonishing new footage how Harambe the gorilla was protecting a four-year-old boy who fell into his cage - minutes before he was shot dead. Eleven-year-old gorilla Gana was holding her three-month-old baby in her arms on Saturday in her compound at the zoo in Munster, northern Germany, when it suddenly died. The boy appeared to be calm, staring into the gorilla's eyes, Where the gorilla was shot at Cincinnati Zoo, Harambe, a male silverback gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo, The gorilla appeared to be protecting the boy moments before the animal was shot dead by zoo workers, Little Isaiah Dickerson fell into the gorilla enclosure, Picture shows Deonne Dickerson and Michelle Gregg smiling for the camera, Harambe the gorilla at Gladys Porter Zoo before being relocated to Cincinnati Zoo, Jerry Stones described him as a "gentle giant", 'His mind was going constantly. They said he was violently throwing the child around, which seems crazy to me. We the undersigned believe that the child would not have been able to enter the enclosure under proper parental supervision. "Witnesses claim that they heard the child state that he wished to go into the enclosure and was actively trying to breach the barriers. "Accidents happen but I am thankful that the right people were in the right place today.". Raising a baby gorilla is a lot like raising a child with a few hairy different. But if a gorilla was really trying to kill you it would be nearly instant death. Emily continued: “I would speculate that the boy is a new stimulus, he’s something novel. The death is a double tragedy for Gana. Mr Maynard added that this was the first time that his team had killed a zoo animal in such an emergency situation. Photos show the baby … By Marcus Dunk for MailOnline Updated: 04:00 EST, 19 August 2008. Initially puzzled, Gana stared at the body, bewildered by its lifelessness. You can unsubscribe at any time. Both gorillas are happy, healthy, and appear to be inseparable. The boy sustained injuries from this alone. NO!Gorillas DNA are about 95 percent similar to ours but they couldn't store a human baby.Humans are very complex and the egg and sperm from the human and gorilla couldn't correspond because the DNA isn't 99.99 percent similar.A lama and a camel have had embryos planted in them because they are very similar.Plus how would Gorilla DNA and human DNA splice?It's impossible.A gorilla … Photos show the baby held … San Diego zoo's baby gorilla Joanne is growing up and ready to make her grand entrance becoming more active and taking fewer naps. For hours the distraught mother gently shook and stroked the child, vainly seeking to restore movement to his lolling head and limp arms. It's like losing a member of the family.". Holding the lifeless body of her dead child like a rag doll, this female gorilla stares at the corpse in shock and bewilderment, unable to accept that her baby is dead. ESA releases blueprints for an adorable miniature version of its Rosalind Franklin ExoMars... Astronauts grow radishes in SPACE for the first time aboard the International Space Station in experiment... Alexa, what am I holding? First-Time Gorilla Mom at Dublin Zoo Can't Stop Holding and Smiling at Her New Baby The baby's dad, Bangui, is said to be doing a great job guarding his mate and their new child Living near more bird species can increase life satisfaction as much as having a pay rise. Like other apes with a well-developed social structure, gorillas mourn the death of loved ones. The baby gorilla was born on August 19, while the tender moments between the baby and its mother were captured on camera by a zoo photographer when the bundle of joy was less than two weeks old. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. Most of her lessons are about grabbing and holding on to mama. "I tried to grab him and I just couldn’t get to him fast enough. The animal most profoundly affected by the death of their own is the elephant. Transcript for Cute Baby Gorilla Raised by Human Moms at Cincinnati Zoo The animal kingdom is a wonder a marvel showcasing survival instincts vastly different from any scene in the human world. Male gorilla scoops up infant as silverback wades in to separate two brawling females. He was a male gorilla dragging the boy back and forth in the enclosure. More than 70,000 petitioners have signed up to a campaign on Change.org calling for the parents to be investigated after the child fell up to 12 feet into the enclosure. While nature may indeed be red in tooth and claw, this moving image of Gana and her dead son Claudio seems to show that members of the animal kingdom can feel the pain of loss just as deeply as we humans. First-Time Gorilla Mom at Dublin Zoo Can't Stop Holding and Smiling at Her New Baby The baby's dad, Bangui, is said to be doing a great job guarding his mate and their new child Cincinnati Zoo workers shot dead Harambe, a 17-year-old silverback gorilla, out of fear that he would hurt Isaiah Dickerson - but latest footage suggests he was NOT in danger, Our free email newsletter sends you the biggest headlines from news, sport and showbiz. The adorable baby gorilla was bred last summer by 15-year-old mom Calaya and 26-year-old father Baraka. The as … Over the next several months, the Zoo will use human surrogates to mimic gorilla behavior with the ultimate goal to get a 4-week-old gorilla baby in the hands of a gorilla surrogate. The 'holy grail' of volcano research: Scientists say they have found a way to predict eruptions by looking... 'Star of Bethlehem' to appear in the sky on Christmas week: Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin together as a... NASA is paying a Colorado startup just $1 to collect moon dust from the lunar surface in 2023 - and the fee... Build-a-bot! Gorillas will charge and scare you long before they attack you. This behaviour could be attributed partly to the gorilla's long pregnancy. Gangs launching 'rollover raids' on 50mph lorries to steal PS5s and cigarettes, Harnessed criminals clamber out of sunroofs and mount bonnets to force their way into lorries while travelling at speeds of up to 50mph in raids reminiscent of The Fast and the Furious franchise, GAME is offering free PS5 consoles - here's how to get them, If you still haven’t managed to get your hands on the console, there’s good news, as GAME and PlayStation have teamed up to offer a range of prizes, including four PS5 consoles. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Brittany Nicely was at the zoo with her children when she witnessed the incident. A Fully grown Gorilla holding baby in Bwindi National Park Uganda, Tuesday Aug.4.2020. The gestation period of around 295 days  -  compared to 266 for humans and 108 days for lions  -  coupled with a high infant mortality rate, mean female gorillas successfully rear an infant only around every six to eight years. Dr Bethell said: “He was clearly being protective towards the boy. Visitors to the zoo openly wept as they witnessed her actions. Zookeepers in the British city of Bristol are giving a baby gorilla round-the-clock care, including bottle feeding through the night, as his mother has been struggling to look after him. Download this Premium Vector about Baby gorilla holding milk bottle, and discover more than 7 Million Professional Graphic Resources on Freepik 'Gana lost a child, but I think in that loss, she taught people here so much.'. Gorillas are wonderful animals that like to beat their chests when they want to show their strength. See more ideas about Baby gorillas, Gorilla, Primates. Some animal lovers even suggested she and the boy's father Deonne Dickerson should have been shot and killed instead of the gorilla Harambe. Just because a human fell in there the poor gorilla was shot and they "saved" the child. Very, very intelligent. Inconsolable, hers is the raw pain of any mother who has lost a child. Hours passed, during which Gana continually prodded and caressed the dead child, to no effect. Sign in Sign up for FREE Black Friday Sale: 50% OFF Moments later, the gorilla was fatally shot in a bid to protect the boy, Isaiah, who had fallen 12 feet into the enclosure. Police officers are deciding whether to charge the parents with child neglect. A Fully grown Gorilla holding baby in Bwindi National Park Uganda, Tuesday Aug.4.2020. Read more:'Mummy, I want to swim with the gorilla': Boy's last words before plunging into Harambe enclosure. The child was taken to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Centre and is said to have sustained no serious injuries. ", "Please sign this petition to encourage the Cincinnati Zoo, Hamilton County Child Protection Services, and Cincinnati Police Department hold the parents responsible.". "What started off as a wonderful day turned into a scary one. On both occasions, the other dolphins refused to eat for a period, would not play and would make distressed sounds, as if in mourning. A Fully grown Gorilla holding baby in Bwindi National Park Uganda, Tuesday Aug.4.2020. For some inexplicable reason, Gana had previously rejected her six-week-old daughter Mary Zwo last year. Gorillas usually have a strong attachment to their own kind. He called it "a very sad day" at the zoo. The seven-year-old's mother told a court how the boy who woke up from surgery was not the same one she took to Lightwater Valley them park. He was just such a sharp character', The gorilla dragged the child around for 10 minutes, The Justice for Harambe petition has attracted more than 70,000 signatures, Harambe, a 17-year-old gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo said an event like it had never happened before, Subscribe to Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers, 'Mummy, I want to swim with the gorilla': Boy's last words before plunging into Harambe enclosure, the gorilla’s body language showed he was NOT threatening the child, Adopted father who raised endangered gorilla Harambe 'heartbroken' after 'gentle giant' was shot dead, mother of the boy who fell into the enclosure said that "accidents happen", A captive chimp who blinded a woman, a Hollywood orca returned to the wild - SIX animals who inspired emotion, whether to charge the parents with child neglect, Gorilla shooting slammed as 'MURDER' as Twitter users blame parents for 'losing sight of child' before tragedy, Justice for Harambe: Gorilla shooting leads to Facebook rage with petition calling for 'those responsible' to be charged, Gorilla shooting: Animal experts DEFEND zoo's decision to shoot Harambe after he grabbed boy, 4, Gorilla shot dead mirrors incident when animal PROTECTED boy who fell into enclosure, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Centre. "My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the staff at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and the people who witnessed it. Hospitals have reached breaking point: Rate of COVID patients being admitted is dropping because beds are full and mild cases are being turned away as US reports a third of the world's new infections and families beg for ICU space on social media, Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Police open fire on killer holding 12-year-old boy hostage, Williamson: We approved vaccine first because we're a better country, Incredible moment police vehicle 'pushes' stolen car away from bus, Playboy scammer explains his fake Covid negative test certificates, Alok Sharma reveals Brexit negotiations are in a 'difficult phase', Sadiq Khan's deputy captured on Zoom meeting eating earwax, 2306104 Dead man banned from his own funeral after arriving on chair, Cartel gunmen fire over 100 rounds and kill police chef, Giuliani brings 'vote fraud' witnesses to Michigan legislative hearing, Private Jet carrying Texas House Speaker crashes on landing, Celebrity chef Andrew Gruel says he'll defy Cali dining ban. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. 'Many of the visitors were terribly shocked,' said Munster zoo director Joerg Adler. Mrs Nicely has also claimed that the gorilla was not being aggressive towards the boy. Uzumma is taking to motherhood with ease and is very attentive to the tiny gorilla. In the latest video from the dramatic scene in Cincinnati, Ohio, the boy is seen sitting calmly next to the massive animal. Astonishing new footage shows gorilla 'PROTECTING' boy and holding his hand before being shot dead Cincinnati Zoo workers shot dead Harambe, a 17-year-old silverback gorilla… ('In the wild, a gorilla mother can keep hold of a dead baby for weeks,' added Adler.). Gorilla Gana, aged 11, distraught and grieving over the sudden death of her dead three-month-old baby Claudio. Both dogs and cats have been known to become 'depressed' by the death of their own, and dolphins have been known to spend weeks mourning the loss of a loved one. The mother gorilla went through an emergency cesarean section, as she had a low-lying placenta that blocked the birth canal, thus preventing the baby from being born naturally. One user wrote: "Pretty sad that an endangered gorilla was killed today because parents couldn't watch their kid. On occasion, gorillas have also been known to 'bury' their dead, by covering the body with leaves. 17-mo-old baby mountain gorilla Koola hanging from mother Binti Jua, who rescued unconscious 3-yr-old boy after he fell into gorilla habitat, at Brookfield zoo. He added: "They made a tough choice and they made the right choice because they saved that little boy's life. They exhibit both care for the dead and sadness at their passing  -  even keeping the body close until it begins decomposing. "I tried to prevent it," she added. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Jerry Stones, 74, from Texas, raised 17-year-old Harambe since birth, and described him as a "gentle giant". CINCINNATI – (February 26, 2013) The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is turning humans into temporary gorilla moms. "They have a picture of the boy sitting in front of the gorilla moments before they shot him.". "Also sending prayers for a speedy recovery of the little boy!". “I think it looks mostly like a case of extreme interest by the gorillas.”. Gently placing it on her back and slowly walking around the compound, she stopped every few paces to look back and see if her much-loved son had returned to life. We were keeping a close eye on him but suddenly, on Saturday morning, he died.'. The 150-pound gorilla carried her own 17-month baby named Koola on her back throughout her encounter with the boy, which may indicate … have also slammed the zoo for killing the gorilla, Animal lovers vent fury as endangered gorilla shot dead in zoo after grabbing boy, Terrifying moment four-year-old visiting zoo is grabbed by endangered gorilla who has to be shot dead, Celebrations advent calendar 'ruins Christmas' after four days with 'sick joke', People on Twitter have been left outraged by the first four doors of their Celebrations advent calendar, with some fans even saying it's 'ruined Christmas' for them, Kate Middleton 'still waiting' for royal honour Meghan Markle got weeks after wedding, Meghan Markle is less senior than her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, but she's been lucky enough to experience one royal benefit first, Woman who thought she had bagged bargain sofa left in stitches when it arrives, A woman who waited 10 weeks for her new sofa to arrive was left baffled when the delivery looked a lot smaller than she expected - and thousands of people have been left in hysterics by her mistake, Eerie time capsule home found with toys and unread newspapers from 1950s inside, The farmhouse was said to have been deserted amid a family feud between two brothers who were banned from the property by other relatives after their mother, Mary Cowell, died, Three 'significant' differences in Brexit talks after hour-long PM and EC chief phonecall, Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen said in a joint statement that both sides underlined that no agreement is feasible if three 'key' issues are not resolved, Man 'jumped out of window engulfed in flames' in 'earthquake' explosion heard miles away, Terrified residents described how they thought there had been an "earthquake" when a house collapsed following an explosion in Illingworth, West Yorkshire, Drug dealer fakes own death with 'gruesome' torture pictures in attempt to dodge jail, WARNING - GRAPHIC IMAGES Gabriel C has now been jailed for four years for trying to collect a 113kg shipment of cocaine after twice trying to fake his own death, Lotto results LIVE: Saturday's winning National Lottery numbers for £4.1m jackpot, A life-changing jackpot of £4.1million is up for grabs in tonight's draw - Saturday, December 5 - so be sure to have your ticket and follow our live blog for the latest updates, Two women gangsters spotted doing cash for drugs swap while holding a baby in carpark, The shocking footage shows Natalie Wrafter, 31, and Shazia Din, 42, in the car park of Doncaster prison doing the dodgy deal, Teenager thought 'lethargy' was from losing granddad but it was testicular cancer, Cheshire teenager Ben Thornton was diagnosed with testicular cancer that doctors discovered had spread to his liver, lungs and brain within just 48 hours, I'm A Celeb winner Gi's hubby Tom Fletcher gasps as his son announces 'mummy won', Tom Fletcher gasped as his wife Giovanna was named queen of the castle on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here and his son sweetly said "mummy won", Phillip Schofield left heartbroken as 'wonderful' former colleague dies, Phillip Schofield shared the sad news that musical director Kate Young, who he had worked with on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, has passed away, Where original Gogglebox stars are now - tragic deaths, bitter feud and forgotten faces, While many of the Gogglebox series one cast have become massive successes - others have disappeared completely, Strictly Musicals Week leaderboard - Ranvir and Giovanni rise to top after romantic routine, Tonight's Strictly quarter-finals were a real show and dance tonight and - for the first time in a month - an audience was allowed in the studio, Strictly star Maisie Smith's outrageous diva antics that landed her EastEnders role, Strictly Come Dancing contestant Maisie Smith impressed EastEnders bosses with some incredibly sassy behaviour when she audition at just six-years-old, Strictly's James Jordan fears public don't like Maisie Smith 'because she's a woman', Former Strictly Come Dancing professional James has said that he 'doesn't get' why people don't like EastEnders star Maisie, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's half-time actions against West Ham sum up Man Utd's big problem, The United boss said before kick-off there were some players he did not want to risk for the game against the Hammers - but he was left with little choice but to do so, BREAKING: Laverne & Shirley star David Lander dies, aged 73, Laverne & Shirley star David Lander has died at the age of 73, REVEALED: Three 'significant' differences in Brexit talks after hour-long phone call between PM and EC chief, We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story, Man charged with attempted murder after baby girl found seriously injured, Millwall fans boo players taking the knee upon their return to stadium, Two thousand supporters of the Championship club were back at The Den for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak for their game against Derby on Saturday, Customer claims to have ordered 63 pints with just one Scotch egg as 'substantial meal', A receipt being shared on social media shows an order of 63 pints of Peroni, 12 glasses of Prosecco and just one chorizo Scotch egg - but some people believe selective cropping has been used, Woman 'hasn't driven for a week' after finding terrifying thing inside her car door handle, A driver said she returned to her car and was about to open the door before spotting what looked like "hairy caterpillars" in the gap - and it's now been identified by people on Facebook, Savvy mum reveals how she preps 90 meals for her family-of-five for just £220, One Australian mum took meal prepping to an 'extreme' level, making 90 meals for her family-of-five a week at the equivalent cost of just £220 - less than £2.50 each, Theme park Lightwater Valley slapped with £330k fine after boy, 7, suffers life-changing injuries.

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