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Amam Sea Food Industries Ltd and Vice Chairman, Cetre of Excellence Agro-food Skills Foundation (CEAFS) E-mail : bushra.kabir1@gmail.com, bffeakln@khulna.bangla.net, bffea@dhaka.net Raik or Aikhor or Raikhor, Reba Carp, Cirrhinus reba. Bangladesh has a coastline 480 km long and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) is about 322 km (200 miles) seaward from the base line. Add to Shopping Bag. Through the experience accumulated over last three decades, Deep Sea Fishers Ltd group has progressed to become one of the top foreign exchange earners in the deep sea fishing sector. Lakha is a very famous and tasty Sea fish in Bangladesh and South Asia region. About 1.2 million people find jobs in inland water fishing, while another 0.3 million people find jobs in marine fishing. BD Seafood Limited (a subsidiary of BD Group) excels in providing the finest seafood from Bangladesh with state-of-the-art processing plant designed and engineered with the direct supervision of European Experts. of 8. Bangladesh is one of the world’s most important inland fishing … Direct sourcing so no extra payment. Details > Details > Add to bag. Add to Shopping Bag. Nutrition Facts of Lakha: Lakha is very rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. Established in 1982, Deep Sea Fishers Ltd is a pioneer of deep sea fishing company in Bangladesh. Although, almost all places of Bangladesh are suitable for fish farming. There are many species of tasty fish are caught from Bay of Bengal. Hilsa is the most popular fish in the country and regarded as its national fish. Sea Food Export from Bangladesh and Current Status of Traceability S.Humayun Kabir, Former Director BFFEA; Chairman & Managing Director. Exported species are a variety of captured fish of which the most well known is the hilsha shad (Hilsha ilisha). Authentic source for sea and river fish. Selecting a suitable land/area for commercial fish farming is the most important part. https://www.greatbritishchefs.com/recipes/bangladesh-fish-curry-recipe Sea Fish BD dedicated to offering you: The Bay of Bengal is the source of the highest quality Sea fish. Details > Details > Add to bag. Sea Catch / Seawater – White Shrimp Scientific Name : Penaeus Indicus Origin : Bangladesh Available in HLSO / CPUD IQF, BLOCK FROZEN (Real or Frozen Count) Size: 41/50 -> 300/500. Hilsha fish is the most popular and delicious among them. The Sea Fishers Group of Companies is the pioneer the business of deep-sea fishing in Bangladesh, products of Sea Fishers Group acts as the alternative source of protein for the nation. Based on official estimates from the last decade, artisanal boats contribute about 85% of the marine fish harvest in Bangladesh. Sea water fish of Bangladesh are caught from Bay of Bengal Sea. We have taken this initiative to make our life healthy and easier. :: Corporate :; Deep Sea Fishing in Bangladesh was considered a hazardous business proposition by many. Food of the World. DevoTech Technology Park, 4th Floor, House 11, Road 113/A, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh 1.7K likes. Posted on November 26, 2020 by Seafishbd. However, while choosing a suitable area or land for your fish far… Beginning from the year 2007, we are globally reputed for providing the most reliable standards of product quality. Total fish production in Bangladesh in 2014–2015 was reported to be 3,684,245 t, of which 1,023,991 t (27.79%) were from inland open waters, 2,060,408 t (55.93%) from inland closed waters and 599,846 t (16.28%) from marine fisheries (Table 1 and Fig. Sea ports https://food.ndtv.com/lists/7-best-bengali-fish-recipes-1748741 Gallery. Koi Fish 10/12 pcs (After Cutting Net Weight ± 50 Gm) 1 kg ৳ 269 ৳ 299. We launched in June, 2015. Fish traders and trawler owners have joined hands with the fishermen who are protesting against the government's decision to ban deep-sea fishing for 65 days. The delta plain of the Ganges (Padma), Brahmaputra (Jamuna), and Meghna Rivers and their tributaries occupy 79 percent of the country. Rui Fish After Cutting (Net Weight ± 50 gm) 1 kg ৳ 329 ৳ 370. Read More. Bangladesh has 4.7 million hectares of inland water areas and 166,000 square kilometers marine areas for the exclusive economic zone. Explore the world's largest sea beach in Cox's Bazar. Fishes play a crucial role in the Bangladesh diet, and fis… BANGLADESH - We Export all kind of On Board Frozen & Land Frozen Sea fish such as Cuttle fish, Squid, Octopus, Yellow Croaker, Ribbonfish, Beltfish, Hair tail, Conger eel, Silver, Chinese & Black Promfret, Bombay duck, Red Snapper, Queen fish, King fish, Lizard fish, Oil Sardine, Hilsha, Big eye, Kati Fish, String Ray, Tongue Sole, Indian Mackerels, Blue swimming crab, Three spot crab. Every year, the government imposes a weeks-long ban on fishing for hilsa, a herring species found aplenty in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a riverine country located in South Asia with a coastline of 580 km (360 mi) on the northern littoral of the Bay of Bengal. Try these curated collections. Fish provide 55 percent of animal protein intake in Bangladesh. The fisheries sector is currently contributing 3.8 percent of the GDP. List of sea fish price in bangladesh. And that will come with more extreme seasonal fluctuations in sea levels. Get Sea Fish with reliable service. Fisheries production in the Bay of Bengal is six million tons per year, more than 7% of the world’s catch. A professional fish exporting companies in Bangladesh, established to export high quality frozen sea fish and Fresh Water fish to the International Markets as well as Live yellow Eels and live Mud Crabs: Contact: Aminul Ahsan: City: Uttara Model Town, Dhaka: Tel: +880 175 166 7711 Fax:-Skype: - Email: bangladesh fisherman fishing in bangladesh bangladesh river boats food festival backgrounds bangladeshi fish dhaka market bangladesh people bangladesh fishing bangladesh colourful village bangladesh. Safe Fish Supply, an authentic source for sea and river fish. Crustaceans are by far the most important export product from Bangladesh. In this way, you will be able to make them eat fish willingly and ensure necessary nutrition of fish for them. Bay of Bengal is the good source of different kinds of fish. Supply for restaurants and hotels are available. At the same time, the unique climate of available sunlight and temperature throughout the year, as well as water fertility in Bangladesh, offer advantaged conditions to fish growth and production. It has 475 different species and 36 shrimps. Last year these small boats landed 534,600 metric tonnes of fishes — 81.66% of the total marine catch. Crustaceans include cultured and wild black tiger shrimp and fresh water prawn, other wild shrimp such as P. indicus and M. monoceros, cultured and wild crab species, and various wild lobster species. SEA FISH BD, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Less than 3% of total fish production in Bangladesh is exported. Search for "bangladeshi fish" in these categories. Fish Market is quite different in Bangladesh. Government figures show an increase in hilsa catch at sea in the last year. ). Baila Fish. Details > Details > Add to bag. Check our Products on Sale! Visit birth place of father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Majibur Rahman Tungi Para, Gopalganj. Visit birth place of Michael Madhusudan Dutta Sagardari, Jessore. The Bay of Bengal offers potential sources of fisheries for Bangladesh although most its vast resources yet remain unexplored. For example, southern part of the countries are suitable for saltwater fish farming and the middle or northern parts are famous for freshwater fish farming. Such as But the size of fish are mostly about half of that of full-grown adults. Bangladesh imposes sporadic fishing bans in the deep sea and coastal rivers, but this is the longest ban covering shallow seawater and all types of fishing boats. List of Companies Exporting Fish and Shrimps worldwide : Marine Fresh Bangladesh Khan Chamber(1st floor), 6.old Jessore Road, Khulna-9100, Bangladesh. Among them are Hilsha, Rui, Catla, Pangasius, Magur, Shing, Koi, Tilapia, Pabda, Tangra, Barb, Olive Barb, etc. SobjiBazaar - Trusted online grocery shop in Bangladesh. Sea Fishers Group is the pioneer in Bangladesh in deep-sea fishing. The way people sell fish, the way they preserve may not match what we usually get to … Walk through the mosques and museums of Bangladesh capital, Dhaka. Bangladeshis are traditionally fish-eating people. The cultured species with the highest export potential are pangasius (Pangasius Hypophthalmus) and tilapia (Oreochromis spp. WELCOME TO DEEP SEA FISHERS LTD. Contact Us. By the end of the century, however, sea levels are expected to rise along the Bangladesh coastline by up to 1.5m. In the fish markets of our country, you will find different deshi fishes. Explore Saint Martin Island country's beautiful Island. It is a good source of protein. Now we deliver only in the Dhaka Metropolitan City Area. Next. FreshFishBD.com is the first online fish shop in Bangladesh. Add to Shopping Bag. 500 gm ৳ 365 ৳ 430. All Fish Carp Bengal Banner Design Vulnerability Painting Flare Painting Art Common Carp. But some areas are suitable for specific fish species.

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